IGNITING Leaders & teams to make INNOVATION the habit for the future 

Hit the Refresh button on your business by lightening up the innovation-power of your teams & leaders

People unlock innovative solutions.
Unleash their innovator minds, build up innovation skills so that they establish innovative business operations and refresh the way they work.


Leadership & Team Coaching for better Innovation results!

  • Enable teams and their leaders to make innovating a new habit
  • Build your Quick-Market-Respons-Ability across teams
  •  Unblock barriers to innovation and unlock innovation
Unleash your entrepreneurial mindset, unlock your teams’ innovation power and refresh your business

Dagmar Boettger

  • CPCC Executive Coach (Co-active CTI)

  • Trained High Performance Team Coach (TCI)

  • Zertifizierte Coach-for-Innovators (ImagineNation)

  • Systemischer Berater (Organisation)
    (Zentrum Systemische Forschung und Beratung Zsfb)

  • Growth Leadership Indicator GLI® Consultant Organisational Growth Indicator OGI® Consultant  
    (Connective Intelligence)

  • Licensed Practitioner Innovation360°


Carried along

  • BASF

  • IKEA

  • Metro

  • Startup Founders

  • Automotive Suppliers & many more…


Dagmar ignites the sparks in people.

In our fast moving market environments, disruption is the NEW NOW. Business success highly depends on a company’s ability to respond to change and build innovative offerings fast.

Who does this? Tech? People do!


With today’s speed of change and level of disruption, companies will have to innovate or they will fast be gone. The innovation power of their teams will thereby become a key to build competitive advantage and shape future growth opportunities. A team’s diversity, creativity, problem solving ability will shape innovation leadership power and speed which will turn business opportunities into innovative offerings and process improvements. Together with leaders, teams will be trained to shift into this new way of performance. It takes a new form of cross-unit collaborating. Innovative results will thereby emerge, new growth potential too and future-ready business models can arise.


Partners for Projects.

We train future-ready
team players and leaders

Together we raise the future fitness level of your teams and leaders. Together with our partners, we will enable scalable global learning programs and a holistic change architectures