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Our Partners for

Future Fitness projects

To serve our clients with the best change architecture and support, we built strategic partnerships. We and our partners can provide the expertise and contribution your business needs and can combine to one aligned development service.   

For Tech-enabled Team Collaboration and Industry4.0 projects

KEX Knowledge Exchange AG is a professional information service provider for technology and market information. With up-to-date, relevant and customer-specific technology knowledge, we provide the information basis for your strategic decisions. Whether technologies, applications or new business fields – we find current and relevant information for you and thus enable you to make faster and better decisions and future-oriented innovations.

Strong network on RWTH Aachen Campus

KEX has more than 20 years of experience in the methodical procurement, structuring, processing and interpretation of technology information. We are part of the constantly growing research network on RWTH Aachen Campus and work together closely with the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT. Further locations of KEX are Berlin, Munich and Hong Kong.

For Upskilling and a culture Shift into The Future of Work

We are in a time of accelerated change and we all require new skills to create value in a dramatically altered world. To thrive you will need to learn continuously, unlock your creativity, and become an adept collaborator. You need 21st century skills for a 21st century world. But what is it that makes particular humans great? What is it about certain individuals throughout history that elevates them above all others? Well for a start they change the world.

As Confucius said in order to change the world we need to attend to our interior being. We need to get better at being human!

That’s where the Future Work Skills Academy comes in. We are dedicated to designing, developing and delivering engaging skill-building programs for 21st century workplace superheroes.

The Future Work Skills Academy is an agile coalition. A group of collaborators connected through the desire to unlock the potential of human workers in the age of accelerations. Without the spirit of collaboration this initiative would never have even the remotest spark of life. It is an example of an agile, adaptive coalition.

this allows for people to change for a future of work. To get fit as organisation for this future, choose shift+.

Upskilling + Shift+ = Future Fitness of Company

For Projects which enable Teams and their leaders to make innovation a habit

For Projects which enable Teams and their leaders to make innovation a habit

Partnership with.        


ImagineNation™ is a collective of passionate innovation, strategy, learning and coaching professionals who partner with organisations, leaders and teams to adapt, innovate and grow through disruption.

ImagineNation™ has the capability to partner with companies and their teams to co-create a customised innovation team development, learning and coaching program, that develops

·innovation agility in delivering strategically aspired results

·Ability to catalyse constant innovation across the organizations and

·deliver unprecedented value to customers and partners in ecosystem

A customised innovation team development, learning and coaching program will equip the Innovation team with the enduring emotional and mental agility that enables a Team and their leaders to cultivate sustainable innovation – by developing their capacity, competence and confidence to adapt, transform, and constantly innovate to maximize the impact of innovation.

Unleash Innovation as a habit

in Teams and leaders!

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