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Our Process

Business success highly depends on a company’s ability to respond to change and build innovative offerings fast.

The Ignition Powerbook

Team SPARKS Coaching

Based on team strengths and IGNITION global diagnostics, teams will be coached to unlock their innovation capabilities, learn to cope with failure to learn fast, apply the innovation techniques and learn to move across cultural barriers to innovation. A coach is not an expert, but applies the expertise to the benefit of the team dynamic in the rollercoaster of innovating.

1:1 SPARKS Coaching

Executives, team leaders of innovation (digital change), project leaders.

Only in coaching conversations executives can learn to shift into the new leadership of innovation. Innovation is a “creative rollercoaster” (Dr. Nick Udall) and needs a leader with high change agility, stakeholder connection, “mental toughness” (Janet Sernack) and a grasp of top barriers to innovation. To become a “safe anchor” for the innovation team in this rollercoaster and a bold visionary, this innovation leader can benefit from a coach, an energizer and true ally to reach great innovation results.

The Innovation Playbook

A Roadmap to better Innovation Leadership
Training series for leaders to enable their teams to make innovating a new habit  (in preparation).

Talkshops and
other Ignitions
(Group Trainings – also online)


“Entrepreneurship in Teams” for 150-350 People

  • Interactive, large group facilitation to start the corporate journey on entrepreneurial habits. Teams and their leaders will learn-practice what it takes to become more innovative and take charge as internal entrepreneurs.

  • For 10-12 teams with team leaders

  • Train-the-trainer logic builds-in a systemic change dynamic

Topics: Growth-mindset, Creativity, cross-unit collaboration

“Building mental toughness for innovation journeys”

  • Interactive webinar series for leaders and teams to start the internal discussion on overcoming barriers to innovative solution building

  • Fun-experience to start making creativity a new habit of teams

  • 3 x 90 minutes, 150 people in small group units  

Topics: Mental Toughness, Shrink the Hippo effect,
Be a voice



Our process combines numerous aspects from academia, schools of thought and practice. With the experience of innovation coaching with leaders and teams, it all boils down to is “theory-based pragmatism and customer-centric creativity”.
System Thinking


Each organizational unit is a “system” based on shared beliefs, trusted company values and stories. A team thereby creates its “ways of working” and builds a unique dynamic and collaborative intelligence. A company does so too. Theorists refer to a system as having a “Collective mindset” and success stories of the past form the way “we work” to develop value for users and customers. In the SPARK process, we diagnose how your team’s or company “system thinking” boosts or blocks innovation as innovators challenge current business models with “out-of-the-box” thinking and exploration beyond today’s value creation.



When innovation is the plan, people are key. They bring the collaborative intelligence of their department, ecosystem and networks together. They collaborate with creativity, curiosity and customer-obsession to co-create something new that creates value (Innosight’s definition of innovation) innovation). This co-creation can easily be blocked by departmental egoism, lack of shared vocabulary and team charter.    



When it comes to innovation, agility of teams is key. The diverse yet collective intelligence defines the innovation potential in the making and can easily be lost during the process of innovating. In order to adapt and move fast, agile principles will help to get fast feedback on ideas and to move the best ideas across to the finish line.

Red thread in innovation road


When “hurdling” ideas to the finish line, teamwork across “the mess in the middle” (Ed Catmull, PIXAR co-founder) is crucial. A red thread across the challenges will support the team to manage itself and others. Responsibility, respect, remote-working, risk-taking and how to stay resilient, all have to do with the rollercoaster journey of innovating. And SPARKS coaching will support your teams to stay energetic and fully performing.



Innovating has a lot to do with innovation techniques. Teams and their leaders alike can and need to learn what it means to co-create innovation. This know-how will provide insights and unleash a team’s creativity and connected intelligence.



Creative efforts and innovative journeys are both: fulfilling and challenging. When teams work together to create something completely new, people can get very stressed. It is tough to innovate in existing corporations. When human connection and empathy for each other are the glue between team members, the emotional abrasion gets blocked and conflicts become tough conversation for the sake of innovating – not reasons of indifference and distrust. Our team reflections will help foster personal growth and enhance team learning.

The Diagnostics


Clifton Strength Assessment

A person’s ability to achieve excellence and get the most out of their life is directly linked to understanding, developing and aiming their strengths at the outcomes that matter. CliftonStrengths identifies where an individual’s greatest potential for building strengths exists. Gallup has investigated the nature of human talents and strengths for over 50 years, resulting in the development of CliftonStrengths. CliftonStrengths is an online assessment of individual talent, teams and their managers that identifies areas in which a person has the greatest potential for building strengths.


OGI® (The Organisational Growth Indicator)


The OGI® reveals the hidden factors, including the strengths and the constraints occurring in your ORGANISATIONAL SYSTEM. These are the  key factors that impact your ability to effect value creation and organisational growth. It measures the current state of your leaders, people’s, teams’ ability to ADAPT connect, evolve and create VALUE through innovation and disruption.


The OGI® is a multifactorial model that assesses Four (4) Principal Mindsets PLUS Eight (8) Factors that drive an organisation’s ability to grow through innovation and change.

The OGI® reveals which Mindsets are predominant in your organisation – these predominant Mindsets underpin your ability to deliver your vision, purpose and strategy as they impact:

  • The decisions you make

  • Where you spend time

  • How you pay attention

  • Where you direct resources

  • How your people are engaged and aligned and how they collaborate, or not

  • How your customers value your organisations ability to deliver the value they want

  • How your organisation is agile, adaptive, sustainable and resilient.

The OGI® provides insights as to whether your current business focus works for you, or not, and whether it is enough given your growth goals and competitive strategy.


It is a validated, business-based system designed to strengthen alignment between leaders, strategy, processes, systems, and culture across functions, leadership levels, locations and regions within your organisation.

The OGI® provides the hard data that enables you to reshape your individual leaders’ mindsets AND your organisations collective growth mindsets to reset the rules for successfully leading the way in tackling the changes emerging in the 21st century.

By assessing your organisation’s readiness and ability to:

  • Analyse change and make sense of innovation quickly, in your unique context

  • Strategically align your organisation to take the most intelligent actions to adapt, grow, successfully compete, improve productivity and effectiveness

  • Develop (many) co-creative ideas and value adding innovative solutions

  • Grow and transform in the face of disruption!



Dr. Brett Richards, Ph.D., President, Connective Intelligence, developed the OGI® with the cooperation of leading consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, education and healthcare organisations.

Following 5 years of extensive research, development, and testing, the OGI® results have been shown to align closely with an organisation’s actual revenue performance.

  • Analyse change and make sense of innovation quickly, in your unique context

  • Strategically align your organisation to take the most intelligent actions to adapt, grow, successfully compete, improve productivity and effectiveness

  • Develop (many) co-creative ideas and value adding innovative solutions

  • Grow and transform in the face of disruption!


  • Consists of an online employee survey, structured to suit your organisational demographics, and takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

  • Measures and provides a quantitative scorecard, of your organisations readiness and ability to adapt, grow and transform, effectively in line with the 12 key factors, and correlates this score against a series of tiered factors.

  • Provides a detailed report which covers:

  • Your organisation’s overall OGI® score, and your customized demographic scores, in line with your strategy and goals

  • How this score correlates with the percentage potential growth

  • The strength of the 4 mindsets currently operating, and their impact

  • How the 8 Orientations are supporting or detracting from the organisation’s ability to grow

  • Recommendations on targeted training and organisational development initiatives to maximize impact on performance and results.


Visit the OGI®-Website.

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