Dagmar Boettger

Your SparrringPartner  
  • CPCC Executive Coach

  • Systemischer Organisationsberaterin

  • Coach-for-Innovators® (ImagineNations) 

  • Organisational Growth Indicator
    OGI® Consultant 

  • Gallup's StrengthCoach (CliftonStrength®)

  • Licensed Practitioner Innovation360°


Dagmar was always the one with the question "What does that strategy mean for our teams? - for our leaders". As you can not press the button open people, it takes some time to prepare people for a visionary business future. Her strength was there to think outside the box and build a practical way forward. 

That is how she shaped the culture of a Chinese Joint venture to become the future headquarter of BAS in China. And that is how HR tools such as job evaluations were adapted to integrate specialists and senior experts?   

Why was she always so drawn towards change and innovation? Maybe because she saw as a teen how her father (and a whole region) feared unemployment. The steel industry on the banks of the river Saar was in great difficulties and the company was insolvent. Luckily the company was saved by massive restructuring measures, but Dagmar learnt to see the looming consequence of slow technological advancement and a lack of re-inventing value creation.     

Her studies of Business Administration in Germany and the UK started to be joyful only when she learnt about entrepreneurship and marketing. When participated the "Entrepreneurs Game" at Coventry' university, she was in her element and finally felt at ease with her studies as she won the market simulation with her team.

With her passion for people development, her first job as training designer and conference organiser made her employer a very happy owner of a new Porsche: her innovative events increased the unit's turnover sixfold in her two employment years. With the changing face of office work as personal computers changed communication and collaboration, Dagmar simply updated the way in which secretaries were trained. The opportunity was too big to be ignored.   

After these years, she went on to work in Corporate HR and held posts in Strategic HR Management and People Development for 20 years in Germany, France, Hong Kong and China for BASF, the Chemical Company. She worked in Performance Management, Leadership Development and Change and developed competency models and change architectures for 5 major cross-cultural change management projects.

Bringing her wealth of practical experience and intellectual curiosity in innovation, she supports companies to translate the effects of exponential change in the digital age using SPARKS, a proven systemic change architecture process. Partnering with leaders and their teams, she helps to:

Shape leading innovation competencies and capabilities, and

Build company readiness for the leadership of innovation.


Testimonies for succesful coaching

Dagmar is a very passionate and highly skilled coach helping you to better understand your strength and weaknesses as a manager in a highly innovative environment. Living in an exponentially changing world, facing colleagues and partners preaching linear change is a challenge for many managers. Dagmar’s strength is, that she listens very careful to fully understand your specific situation and inspires you with guiding comments, starting your brain cells working. This leads to a better understanding of your own guiding values and behaviors, which you may not have recognized before. The Coaching Sessions with Dagmar helped me a lot to become a better listener and facilitator between the exponentially changing, highly innovative environment I live in and the slow pace in some parts of our global organization. If you are facing innovation leadership challenges, I highly recommend Dagmar as your Coach.

Herbert Hofmann

Vice President CRM and Managing Director Greater China ASM Assembly Systems Ltd, Shanghai P.R. China ASM is a leading supplier of semiconductor process equipment